Treadmill, Moonrun and Bike Trainer video game for Android and Windows

Arcade Fitness, Indoor cycling and running video game

Arcade Fitness : have fun while training on a treadmill, with a Moonrun or cycling indoor

Enjoy your workout with Arcade Fitness : training app and video game for treadmill, Moonrun and bike trainer.

Get involved in a completely unique experience while running on a treadmill or riding indoor. Arcade Fitness is both a video game and a running or cycling app. Take your ANT+ or Bluetooth sensor, connect it to your Android smartphone or Windows computer and train at home or in your gym club.

Race online with friends in realtime in multiplayer mode.

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Choose a compatible device

ANT+ Footpod

Many of you propably remember what is foot pod: a small, light device that you can attach on your shoelaces. It was here before smart watches, and it is very useful for training (and even for a race!). Foot pod measures not only distance and speed, but also running cadence. If you run indoor, GPS tracking will not be available and using a foot pod will be the best solution to follow your activity.
For these reasons, we chose the foot pod technology to be used in our app. Just attach it to your shoes, select speed on the treadmill and start running

Bluetooth Low Energy Footpod

Like ANT+ footpods, any bluetooth footpod are now compatible with Arcade Fitness. Milestone footpods are for example compatible : this is the footpod we choose to test with Arcade Fitness! Just one important thing : besure to have the lastest beta firmware which allows realtime speed broadcasting.

There are also other options if you have iPhone and want to use it as a footpod : download "Treadmill Smart Speed" on the Apple Store.

Xiaomi MI Band 1 and MI Band 2

Xiaomi Smartbands are compatible with Arcade Fitness. Use your band in order to transmit running speed on a treadmill to your phone and enjoy playing video game.

Garmin watches with Connect iQ

Use your Garmin watch as a gamepad to play Arcade Fitness on your Android phone or tablet and enjoy video game while running on a treadmill.

Samsung watches with HR and Speed Transmitter app

Use your Samsung watch to broadcast heart rate and running speed with Bluetooth and play Arcade Fitness while running on a treadmill.

Bike Trainers or Powermeters

Ride indoor with any Bluetooth Low Energy or ANT+ FEC bike trainer. Virtual speed is computed automatically from cycling power.


Try the Moonrun system and get a complete interaction with the game while jumping, doing squat, or turning left or right.

Arcade Fitness compatible stride sensors

Run on your Treadmill or ride on your Bike Trainer

Or use any treadmill you want, wherever you want...

Because you can take your phone and your sensor with you to the place you want : at home or in any fitness center!

Furthermore, if you are used to run with a heart strape, you can connect any ANT+ comptatible heart strap and follow your heart rate directly in the app.

Play like in a video game

Indoor workouts have never been so funny!

When you run, the avatar moves forward in the game. If you run faster, it accelerates like in a virtual reality application...

But there is an extra dimension which will really improve your running experience : while doing your workout, you will be able to do some extra actions exactly like in a 2D platform game : jump, attack or change direction.

To do these actions, just tap on your screen, respectively on the right, in the middle or on the left.

Aracde Running video game
Flic Button Manette 8BIT DO

Use a Gamepad

In order to simplify action command while your are moving, two possibilities :

Use an external bluetooth Flic button. It only weights a few grams!

Single click : jump
Double click : change direction
Hold : attack

To be more comfortable, you can put it on a special button holder attached to your wrist with a strap.

Or :

Use a 8bitDo gamepad (also compatible with any other game). If you are living in France, you can buy it in our Shop France

Connected to social network

Automatic upload to Strava

Workout file is automatically created on your phone and sent at your mail address or uploaded directly on Strava.

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Progress in game and compete with friends

Achievments, Leaderboards, Multiplayer

From New York to Tokyo, challenge your friends online and race with them in realtime. Playing multiplayer will add a new dimension to your workout and your will completely forget you are training indoor.

In order to add some fun, to increase you motivation and to give a social dimension to your experience, your game progression is saved automatically in the cloud and you will be able to compare your results with other athletes all over the world through leaderboards.