Arcade Fitness : a great alternative app for treadmill workout

Arcade Fitness, Indoor cycling and running video game

Arcade Fitness for treadmill running

Indoor training app Arcade Fitness can be used for exercise both on the stationnary bike or the treadmill. You can try it for free.

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Looking for an alternative entertainment while running on the treadmill?

About Arcade Fitness app

If you want to rich specific fitness goals, loose weight or just take care of your health, the app Arcade Fitness can make your treadmill workout enjoyable and fun. You will walk or run virtually in our worlds and will even be able to participate into small group runs (classes) and races. Among app features, built-in workouts are available for interval training and data can be uploaded onto Strava. Other statistics such as total distance, time and calories burned are available within the app.

Available on which platform?

Follow the links below to get Arcade Fitness for Android, Windows, Linux, MacOS:

Get Android APK Get Arcade Fitness for Windows

Get Arcade Fitness for Linux Get Arcade Fitness beta for MacOS

In addition the app is available on the Playstore for Android, Apple store for iOS (iphone and ipad), as well as TV OS (Apple TV >= 4th generation).

Increase your average running speed with hiit treadmill workouts

Built-in trainings

Choose one of our built-in workout for interval training and don't run always at the same pace. It is well recognized that speed variations will increase the efficiency of your training and you will improve fast. Just enter your best 1h hour running speed in the Settings and all workouts will be customized according to your fitness level. A few minutes for warm up and cool down are included in each workout.

Heart Rate Monitor

Heart Rate will help you track your progress. During exercise, cardio can give you an idea on when to stop interval if it is too hard or too easy for you. ANT+ and Bluetooth Smart heart rate monitor can be used with the app Arcade Fitness.

Group runs and class

See our Multiplayer section for more information on how to find other people that you can run with.

Compatible Sensors for Virtual Running

There are 4 categories of compatible devices :
* MoonRun
* Running footpods
* Treadmills using the Bluetooth FTMS protocol
* Smartwatches

Running compatible devices

ANT+ Footpod

Many of you propably remember what is foot pod: a small, light device that you can attach on your shoelaces. It was here before smart watches, and it is very useful for training (and even for a race!). Foot pod measures not only distance and speed, but also running cadence. If you run indoor, GPS tracking will not be available and using a foot pod will be the best solution to follow your activity.
For these reasons, we chose the foot pod technology to be used in our app. Just attach it to your shoes, select speed on the treadmill and start running

Bluetooth Low Energy Footpod

Like ANT+ footpods, any bluetooth footpod are now compatible with Arcade Fitness. Milestone footpods are for example compatible : this is the footpod we choose to test with Arcade Fitness! Just one important thing : be sure to have the latest beta firmware which allows realtime speed broadcasting.

There are also other options if you have iPhone and want to use it as a footpod : download "Treadmill Smart Speed" on the Apple Store.

Xiaomi MI Band 1 and MI Band 2 [Android only]

Xiaomi Smartbands are compatible with Arcade Fitness. Use your band in order to transmit running speed on a treadmill to your phone and enjoy playing video game.

Garmin watches with Connect iQ [Android only]

Use your Garmin watch as a gamepad to play Arcade Fitness on your Android phone or tablet and enjoy video game while running on a treadmill.

Samsung watches with HR and Speed Transmitter app

Use your Samsung watch to broadcast heart rate and running speed with Bluetooth and play Arcade Fitness while running on a treadmill.

Arcade Fitness compatible stride sensors

Not only treadmill! About the MoonRun

The Moonrun system : a portative and lightweight device, based on elastics fixated on the wall or on a door. A lap belt holds the runner to the ground, which procures a great running sensation. It has the advantage of offering a complete interaction with Arcade Fitness : if you jump, your avatar jump too in the game, if you rotate your pelvis, your avatar makes a U-turn.

Among other advantages: the weight of the body is not on the vertical which is good for the knees and it is much less dangerous than a treadmill.

Don 't hesitate between treadmill apps: go to your favorite gym studio and try Arcade Fitness for free. This is the best treadmill workout app and you will never get bored again while running!

MoonRun training system