Heart Rate To Virtual Power App - A digital power meter

Use HR2VP to estimate power based on heart rate and broadcast values to your favorite indoor cycling app. Add power to you outdoor rides and upload them automatically to Strava as with a regular bike computer.

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Broadcast power from heart rate monitor to Zwift

Train with power based on heart rate monitor

Use any exercise bike for indoor cycling on Zwift or Arcade Fitness

No speed, cadence or power sensor needed on the bike

Maybe you want to use virtual training apps but you only have a non smart trainer or treadmill at home or at your local gym club? With HR2VP, use your heart rate monitor as a power meter while training indoor.

HR2VP can be used with any stationary, spin or exercise bike, without having to add a speed or cadence sensor and connects to Zwift. The setup is really easy as you have nothing to mount on the bike and you can set the resistance manually as you wish. This is especially convenient when training not at home. If you train at home with a non smart classical trainer, it's a good option as well if you want to experience virtual apps.

In addition, you can use it while on the stepper or rowing machine too... This kind of setup offers new opportunities.

When using for indoor cycling, power will be broadcasted. If running on a treadmill: speed.

ANT+ and BLE broadcast on Android

On Android ANT+ heart rate monitors can be used and you can choose between BLE or ANT+ broadcast. Bluetooth Smart HRM can be used on Android and iOS.

Get in the right zone

Our color code helps you visualize your training zone easily. It uses the 7 cycling intensity zones from active recovery to sprint.

Can be used as standalone

Last but not least, HR2VP can be used as a standalone app. Coaches will be able to get more from heart rate monitors and hiit workouts (interval training) will be much easier. This will help you improve your performance and get the best result during racing. Tough workouts will be much more efficient.

If devices at your gym club don't offer workout recording, you can upload your training to Strava or access fit file on the phone directly.

Use any exercise bike or spin bike with Zwift

Broadcast power with HR2VP

Train outdoor and upload power to Strava

HR2VP has been ANT+ certified on Android and you can now broadcast power over ANT+ (given that you have an Android ANT+ native phone, for example Samsung, or use an ANT+ USB stick). This option ensures a better compatibility with GPS head units or smart watches.

There are many cases where using HR2VP can be interesting to get power:

  • All professional cyclists use power based training plans. As an athlete who regularly train with power, keep track of every exercise you do while riding, running, rowing, skiing... With HR2VP, you will be able to measure your training load precisely.
  • As a cyclist who commutes to work with a road bike that is not equipped with a power meter
  • If you want to record heart rate data with Strava app even if native external sensor connection support stopped
  • If you are a triathlete and want to get power while running and while not while swimming
  • If you ride ocasionally or regularly on the mountain bike and don't want to invest a lot of money in a power meter
  • While you are jumping or playing with the suspension of your MTB in downhill, no other power sensor can measure your effort

Get more details about how to use your smartphone as a cycling computer which adds power to your outdoor rides

HR2VPower for outdoor sports

About our power matching algorithm

Heart Rate value alone is a good tracker for training but is not sufficient to evaluate effort intensity. If you know how your heart rate is going up or down along time, you have much more information in order to evaluate power output and calories burned.

Heart rate can take minutes to reach the steady state, where our algorithm will put your watts in the right training zone within 10 seconds.

Some power meter manufacturers such as Cycleops already tried to get power from heart rate with their Powercal sensor.

We are using an advanced matching algorithm that takes into account individual parameters such as resting heart rate, maximum HR, FTP and weight to evaluate power more precisely.

Here is an analysis where you can compare virtual estimated power to real power. If you interpret heart rate data the right way, you can get a good estimation of power output.

HR2VP advanced HR to power matching algorithm

Estimate your functional threshold power (FTP) parameter for HR2VP

FTP is the highest power level that you can sustain for an hour. Here are two tools that will help you find the best value to enter in HR2VP.

1) You are using a power meter on one of your bike and want to measure power on all your bikes or while doing other activities

In general HR2VP FTP parameter should be close to your real FTP but there may be differences between individuals. In order to get the most accurate result in terms of power estimation that corresponds to your own power meter, you can use our tool to upload a representative ride with power and heart rate data. The file should be in gpx format, you can extract it from Strava directly if you go into your activity.

This tool, if regulary used, is also good for tracking your progress. No more need to make FTP tests, just estimate virtual FTP from your regular rides... If it gets higher, this means that you were able to deliver a higher power output for the same heart rate intensity and that you have improved.

Select GPX file exported from Strava with HR and Power:

2) You have no idea about your FTP and don't own a power meter

In this case you don't need a very precise value and can estimate your ftp with your maximum 1 hour running speed and weight.

HR2VP FAQ & Tutorial

Which heart rate monitor should I use?

All standard Bluetooth Smart or ANT+ heart rate monitors can be used with HR2VP. Chest straps usually give a much better result since they are more accurate than optical sensors.

Many fitness bands or smart watches don't broadcast data and cannot be used with our app. Only Xiaomi Mi Bands, some recent Garmin watches and Samsung watches with our transmitter app can be used. Again, if you have the choice, I would advise you to opt for a regular chest strap.

The Apple watch, for example, is not compatible.

A Bluetooth Smart device can only be connected to one other device at the same time. On iOS, HR2VP doesn't transmit heart rate so you won't be able to get HR values in another app such as Zwift for example. This is the reason why we suggest to use monitors that supports more than one Bluetooth connection. There very few on the market, so our advise would be to:

I have trouble connectiong to Zwift, what can I do?

First, according to the Bluetooth Core Specification, a Bluetooth device cannot connect to itself, which is why you need to use Zwift on a separate device.

On Windows PC, HR2VP works with Bluetooth direct connection in the majority of case.

If you have trouble with the direct connection, you can try the connection through the Companion app. Please note that the Companion app need to be executed on a different phone than HR2VP and should be connected to the same Wifi network than Windows PC.

In any case, please check that all permissions are granted for HR2VP as for the Companion app if you use it.

Check battery parameters in phone: 'Settings'->'Applications'->'HR2VP'->'Battery'->'Allow background' and disable Eco mode if available

If you have a lot of different Bluetooth devices connected to your phone, try to switch off and then switch on Bluetooth before starting the app. If it still doesn't work, try to reboot phone.

If you are using HR2VP on Android, we suggest you to connect through ANT+ which is more stable (less disconnections).

Is it possible to calibrate HR2VP?

In order to get a more accurate power estimation, your can use our above online tool to estimate the HR2VP FTP parameter. This way, calibration is done by uploading a gpx file countaining real power and heart rate values.

If you don't have a power meter or a bike trainer measuring power, estimating your FTP with weight and max running speed will already give you good results.

My HRM is not listed, why?

If you are scanning over Bluetooth Low Energy, a common mistake is that your monitor is already paired with another device for example you watch. Devices using Bluetooth can only be paired with one device at a time, in this case please unpair your sensor with already paired devices and start scan again.

If you are scanning for ANT+ devices, HR straps can be paired to multiple devices at a time. If you are having trouble, please refer to the ANT+ how to section below.

How much does HR2VP costs?

The app is free to try for 15 minutes workouts.

If you want to buy in order to unlock the time limit,the subscription is at 1.49$ per month on Android. On iOS a month costs 1.99$ (non auto renewing) and a year 13.99$. If you plan to use the app on different devices or may uninstall and re-install the app on your phone, we advise you to buy the Lifetime option at 24.99$ which can be restored.

Which cycling computer is compatible with HR2VP?

Following bike computer and GPS head unit have been tested successfully:

  • Wahoo Elemnt ROAM
  • Wahoo Elemnt BOLT

Please note that even in this case, the phone Bluetooth address may change every time, that's why you will have to go through the pairing procedure before each workout.

If you are using an Android device which is ANT+ compatible, we advise you to use the ANT+ broadcast mode which has a better compatibility with watches or GPS and offers a more stable connection. In this case, all GPS head units and watches labelled with ANT+ Power certifcation icon can be used.

My bike computer is Bluetooth Smart but I cannot pair, why?

Being Bluetooth Smart doesn't mean that your head units will be able to pair with our app. Users are allowed to try HR2VP for free during 8 minutes so that they can check pairing before buying.

In fact, most power meters on the market use static Bluetooth address, where your phone is using a private resolvable address for privacy and security reasons, this explains the compatibility issue. Not all GPS on the market are compliant with such adresses which results in HR2VP not being detected or detected but not paired correctly.

Is HR2VP compatible with ANT+ devices?

HR2VP is compatible with ANT+ heart rate monitor on Android. See next question for requirements.

In addition, HR2VP has been ANT+ certified and can broadcast data to ANT+ head units or watches by implementing following profiles:

How to use ANT+ heart rate monitor on Android?

You need to check that following dependancies are installed:

  • ANT Radio Service
  • ANT+ Plugin Service
  • ANT USB Service

If your phone is not ANT+ native compatible, you need to use an ANT+ USB stick with an OTG extension cable.

I have an ANT+ native phone, is it possible to bridge ANT+ HR into BLE HR? What about converting BLE HR into ANT+?

Yes, on Android phones, as you can use ANT+ heart rate monitors and as the app broadcast over Bluetooth Low Energy, our app will bridge ANT+ HR signal into BLE.

The opposite is possible too, you can convert Bluetooth Low Energy heart rate into ANT+ with HR2VP on Android.

How to enable - disable broadcast?

You can enable and disable BLE broadcast by clicking on the led button in the Settings. Green means broadcast is on an red off. If you don't use an external display or application, we recommand to disable broadcast to spare battery.

Does HR2VP runs in background?

On Android you can switch off screen as the app runs in background to prevent battery drain. On iOS, you need to keep the screen active and the app in foreground.

How to use GPS and pair with Strava on Android?

Using GPS if you want to switch off screen on Android requires you to grant background location permission on Android. This video tutorial shows you how to proceed:

Pair HR2VP with Strava on Android

Where are workout files recorded?

On Android, workout files are available in the app folder : Phone\Android\data\com.bipr.heartrate.virtualpower

On iOS, files are recorded and are available to the user with itunes.

I subscribed to the app but it seems that my subscription was not taken into account, what can I do?

On Android, subscription is checked at startup and you need a web access for this. If you are starting far from home where you may have no web access, we advise you to start the app at home, check if subscription is active (written on the top), stay in the main menu and then start workout when you are ready. It will be ok even if there is no network at this time.

On iOS, only the 'Lifetime' in app can be restored. If you want to use the app on different devices, we advise you to buy this option.

Available for Samsung Galaxy watches

A version of HR2VP is available for Samsung watches on the store.

There are a few differences with the Android version :

  • Use the built - in watch sensor to measure heart rate
  • Manual mode : use the rotating brezel to set power manually (usefull if your bike displays power but don't transmit values over Bluetooth)
  • No .fit file saving
  • No GPS tracking
  • No Strava upload

Cadence sensors and power modulation

Cadence support is now available both on iOS and Android since version 3.0.

The power modulation based on cadence can be enabled or disabled as you prefer. If you often change the spin bike's resistance, there will be no correlation between cadence and power and the modulation may add perturbations on the power estimation. In this case, connect your cadence sensor but disable power modulation.

When power modulation is ON, you will have a higher wattage when cadence is above average and lower wattage when cadence if below average. This will allows you to have more control and responsivness when there are accelerations for example in Zwift races.

Cadence modulation


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Molab.me (Loek Vossen):
"Having all workouts expressed in power is a big advantage to mixing heart rate and power data. I also could not believe how accurate the algorithm already is."
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