How much costs virtual cycling and running app Arcade Fitness?

Arcade Fitness, Indoor cycling and running video game

Arcade Fitness options and prices

Is Arcade Fitness free ?

Arcade Fitness is not completely free but some levels are free for personal use. There are two ways of playing : either online, where you scores are stored and where you can race in real time. Online and offline free levels are not the same. There are 13 free offline levels up to 2 km (running) and 6k (cycling), including 4 gaming levels in Castle and Space environment. There is only one free online level which is the Track 100m (running) and 300m (cycling).

The full version offers 23 levels with distances up to 10k (running) or 30k (cycling).

Today, as the Windows version is still in beta, it is totally unlocked and you can try all levels, offline as well as online.

What are different options ?

Full Version Multiplayer pass/Subscription PRO Version
Access to all levels YES YES YES
Online realtime playing NO YES YES
Max user accounts 4 4 Unlimited
Jason character Not included Not included Included
Online score saving in training mode NO NO YES
Customize in game banners with own logo Not included Not included Included
Use Personal only Personal only Personal and Professional
Price 5.99€ / ~6.8$ one time fee 2€ / 2.3$ per month or 18€ / 20.5$ per year Starting at 150€ / 171$ per year

What about virtual coins ?

While playing, you can collect virtual coins. These virtual coins will allow you to buy new items such as bombs or get free Multiplayer pass for 10 days.

Othewise, 50 bombs can be bought for 2€ / 2.3$.

Where and how to buy ?

On Android, you can buy by clicking on the 'Shop' button in the main menu.

On Windows, the app is still in beta and is fully unlocked. Buying is possible when logged in the client section.

If you are interested by the PRO version, please contact us directly per mail.