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Broadcast Heart Rate and Speed to Zwift or Arcade Fitness

Use your phone while running indoor on a treadmill and enjoy sport simulation apps such as Zwift or Arcade Fitness on a second device. Treadmill Speed Transmitter App act as a virtual bluetooth low energy foot pod and broadcasts running speed and cadence to your tablet.

There are two different modes : you can either set the speed manually or get it automatically if you put your phone in an arm band.

The app is free for 8 minutes workouts, if you want to do longer exercices, you will have to buy the full version.

Download Speed Transimtter Download Speed Transimtter for iOS (manual mode only)

How it works

Treadmill Speed Transmitter is an app that broadcast speed over Bluetooth.

Different modes are : manual, auto, with ANT+ footpod, with Garmin watch. The easiest way to use Treadmill Speed Transmitter is the manual mode. Select your speed on the screen when running by pressing buttons. This way, you will be able to test if all connections are set between your devices. This is a good starting point before using more advanced modes. Scan for devices on Zwift or Arcade Fitness and select "Speed T".

The app is available for Android and iOS but iOS version only has Manual Mode available (no auto and no Garmin mode)

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Check Zwift connection

If you are having some trouble with the Bluetooth Smart connection, please check the following :

  • All permissions are granted for Speed Transmitter. Go to smartphone Settings -> Applications -> Speet Transmitter -> Grant all permissions
  • If you are connecting through the Companion App, permission should be granted as well in the Componaion App side
  • Check that battery saving is disabled for the app. Go to Settings -> Applications -> Speed Transmitter -> Battery -> Allow background execution and disable eco mode
  • If you have trouble with the Garmin watch, please try Manual Mode first to see if the connection issue is between the watch and the app or between the app and Zwift
  • If you want to use both heart rate and speed, Zwift sometimes has trouble managing two different sensors types with the same address... Always connect heart rate first, then connect the speed sensor afterwards.
  • If you are using different Bluetooth devices, switching off then switching on Bluetooth before running the app may improve the connection

Using Zwift on PC

About Windows Bluetooth direct connection

  • There are two connection modes on Windows : Bluetooth direct and Companion app. If you have trouble with one of the modes, you can try the second one.
  • We used to recommend the connection through the Companion app, but our app since V2.7 fixes an issue when using Windows direct connection. Now you can try both.
  • Please note note that using the connection through Companion app requires two different phones: one for Speed Transmitter and one for the Companion app.
  • Here below is how to access the connection parameters :

Select Bluetooth mode for Zwift

Click on top right icon of Pairing Screen in order to select Bluetooth mode for Zwift

Select Bluetooth with Companion app for Zwift

Select Bluetooth with Companion app for Zwift

Treadmill Speed Auto Mode

Auto Mode [Android Only]

If you cadence and automatic speed variation based on the built in accelerometer of your smartphone, just attach it on your arm (better!) or keep in your pocket (it works too!) and launch Treadmill Speed Transmitter.

You can adjust parameters such as step length later in order to get more accurate data.

Using Zwift with ANT+ footpod [Android Only]

Make your ANT+ speed and cadence data from your footpod available to your iPad with Bluetooth Low Energy and play Zwift. Your Android phone receives speed through ANT+ and sends it through BLE to your Apple device. Your need to install ANT Radio Service, ANT+ Plugin Service and eventually ANT USB service on your phone to use this mode. If your phone is not ANT+ native compatible, you need to get an additionnal ANT+ dongle.

Using Zwift on iPad with ANT+ footpod

Using Zwift on iPad with Garmin watch

Using Zwift with your Garmin watch [Android Only]

Treadmill Speed Transmitter can act as a bridge from a Garmin watch to Zwift. It means, that you can use your Garmin watch as a pedometer and the app will transform the speed, cadence and heart rate data from the watch on the wrist into Bluetooth data and broadcast it to Zwift. In this case, you don't need a heart rate monitor as you can use the optical sensor of your watch. You need to install and launch Treadmill Arcade Running Transmitter on your watch to do this.

If you get an excalamtion mark when starting the watch app:

  • Start the watch app before Speed Transmitter app on the phone
  • Reboot the watch after installing the app
  • If you still get the same issue, this means that our app is probably not compatible with your watch today
  • The watch app has been tested on Fenix 3, Fenix 5, Vivoactive 2
  • It seems to be incompatibility issues on Fenix 5+, 5s, 5x, Forerunner 235, Vivoactive 3

Does Treadmill Speed Transmitter broadcast Heart Rate ?

Yes, it broadcasts heart rate, but only with Garmin watches. This means that you can use Treadmill Speed Transmitter to bridge heart rate from your watch or from any ANT+ strap (which is paired with your Gamin watch) to Zwift over Bluetooth. This is not only usefull on a treadmill but also if you are cycling indoor.

Garmin watch broadcasts heart rate for Zwift

Zwift says "No Signal", and I get multiple Speed T, what should I do ?

With some phones (mainly Samsung S7, S8, S9 familly), you may have trouble pairing Treadmill Speed Transmitter with Zwift. This is because device manufacturers have the option to use a virtual mac address for privacy reasons since Android 6.0 and Zwift uses this address for the connection. Unfortunately, there is no workaround for Android developers today to force the device to keep the same mac address all the time.

There are some tips to make it easier to connect :

  1. If you are using Zwift mobile link, start it first
  2. If you have different sensors, always click on the last sensor detected at the bottom
  3. You will be more likely to pair if there is a speed indication in Zwift
  4. When sensor appears, confirm quickly
  5. You may have to try it several times before you get paired

Please note that if you have trouble to connect to Zwift with your device, buying the Full Version will not help you. Try with the standard version first and if everything is all right for you, then buy the Full Version which unlocks the 8 min time limit.

Using Zwift on PC

Here is a video which shows how to do it :