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14/06/20 : HR2VP, broadcast power over ANT+ on Android

HR2VP has been ANT+ certified and broadcasts now power, heart rate and running speed over ANT+!

Broadcast power over ANT+ with HR2VP

Download HR2VP for iOS Download HR2VP for Android
❤️ More info about HR2VP ⚡️

07/05/20 : Interview

Have a look at the interview from App of the day about Treadmill Speed Transmitter

Treadmill Speed Transmitter logo

01/05/20 : Try our new app Heart Rate to Virtual Power

Train indoor or outdoor and broadcast power data over BLE from your heart rate monitor.

Broadcast power with HR2VP

Download HR2VP for iOS Download HR2VP for Android
❤️ More info about HR2VP ⚡️

31/03/20 : Arcade Fitness 6 for Windows available in beta

In order to offer new features to cyclist who may not be allowed to ride outside during Corona crisis, we decided to publish Arcade Fitness version 6 before the date we had planned. The app is now available for Windows in beta with plenty of new features :

  • Get virtual power from your heart rate monitor (power is computed with our matching algorithm taking into account your FTP (Functional Threshold Power), rest heart rate ans maximum heart rate). If you have no ideau about your FTP, you can have an estimation given your weight and 1h average running speed)
  • New characters on Track / Road levels
  • New Track levels (100 - 1000m running / 250 - 2.5km cycling)
  • Use custom side banners with PRO option (contact us in order to activate the feature)

Arcade Fitness 6  screenshot

Try Arcade Fitness 7 day free

Of course v6 will follow on other platforms within a few days. Android will be the next one!

04/02/20 : Subscribe to Arcade Fitness on Windows, Linux, MacOS and Android (installed manually from website APK)

In app purchases have been activated on our website for the above mentioned platforms. You can now subscribe to Arcade Fitness or buy In Apps. (Login before)

Try Arcade Fitness 7 day free

29/12/19 : Arcade Fitness now available on Apple TV!

Arcade Fitness now available for Apple TV from 4th generation. It is compatible with Bluetooth Smart sensors. Get the app on the Apple store and enjoy your workout at home!

List of all platforms for Arcade Fitness : Android, Windows, iOS, Linux, Mac, and iOS TV!

Arcade Fitness Indoor Cycling app on Apple TV

17/10/19 : Arcade Fitness now available on linux!

Get Arcade Fitness Beta for Linux

Try the Indoor Cycling and Running app Arcade Fitness for Linux. Connect your bike trainer witn ANT+ stick or Bluetooth Low Energy and have fun while training on linux!

Arcade Fitness Indoor Cycling and Running App available on linux

08/10/19 : HR and speed transmitter 2.0 for Samsung watch

The app HR and speed transmitter for Samsung watches has just been updated. Not only is the app compatible with the Galaxy Active 2 watch, but its Bluetooth connection has also been improved : the watch doesn'get disconnected anymore when the screen goes to sleep.

Broadcast Heart rate over Bluetooth with your Samsung Galaxy Active 2

14/09/19 : Forestière 2019

Try Arcade Fitness at La Forestière UCI MTB race on big screen!

Arcade Fitness at La Forestiere 2019 on big screen

04/09/19 : BIPR at Eurobike 2019

Eurobike is here, come on and meet us at booth ÜO304!

Try Arcade Fitness at BIPR booth Eurobike 2019

14/08/19 : iOS version will be available in September 2019

We are close to be ready to publish Arcade Fitness on iOS which will be available in Septembre 2019. More information to come soon...

Arcade Fitness iOS screenshot

04/08/19 : Meet us at Eurobike!

We are now one month before the official Eurobike 2019 start which will take place from 4th to 7th of September ! We are happy to inform you that we will be there at booth ÜO-304 and we invite you to participate in our 1km challenge... See you overthere!

Arcade Fitness Eurobike Banner

08/05/19 : Samsung Galaxy Active review!

We published our review of the brand new Samsung Galaxy Active watch ! Use your watch together with Zwift or any Bluetooth Smart GPS head unit by broadcasting heart rate and running speed directly from your watch.

Read the Samsung Galaxy Active watch review

Use your Samsung watch with Zwift

23/02/19 : Arcade Fitness 5 is now online!

Both Windows and Android version of Arcade Fitness have been updated with :

  • New characters
  • Drafting available in multiplayer mode
Arcade Fitness 5 castle screenshot
Let's give it a try :
Get Arcade Fitness for Windows Download Arcade Fitness Android

7/02/19 : Arcade Fitness 5 Trailer

Here is the video of the upcoming version 5 of Arcade Fitness

21/12/18 : Arcade Fitness 4.4 (new version) for Windows is now online!

Arcade Fitness for Windows has been completelly redesigned with :

  • New levels
  • New multiplayer mode
  • Automatic resistance variation for FE-C and FTMS (with BLED112 USB stick) trainers
Let's give it a try :

Get Arcade Fitness Beta Version for Windows

Arcade Fitness Indoor Cycling app screenshot

7/07/18 : Arcade Fitness is Eurobike startup finalist

Arcade Fitness took part into the Eurobike 2018 startup challenge and was selected for the final round! See our 3 minutes pitch at Eurobike 2018.

Arcade Fitness was startup finalist at Eurobike 2018

18/06/18 : Multiplayer Session on 18th of June at 18:00 London time

Let's ride or run together on 18th of June at 18:00 London time.

Arcade Fitness Multiplayer Session

15/06/18 : Arcade Fitness demo with MoonRun at Indie Games Club in Metz - Blida

Meet us in Metz - Blida at the Indie Games Club organized by Coin association and try Arcade Fitness with MoonRun

Arcade Fitness Indie Games

19/05/18 : Grandfondo Vosges Bike Race

Meet us in La Bresse and try Arcade Fitness with MoonRun or bike trainer!

Arcade Fitness Grandfondo Vosges

10/05/18 : New Release

New release is online, install Arcade Fitness on your Android TV such as the Nvidia Shield. In addition, play and navigate in main menu with standard Bluetooth gamepad such as 8Bitdo Zero

Try new Track 1k running / 3k cycling level!

Arcade Fitness Track 1000 New Level

30/04/18 : New Samsung Gear app

Good news! You can now use your Samsung Gear Watch as speed and heart rate sensor. The app is working perfectly with Zwift too. For more details, take a look :