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12/07/2024 : Connect your Apple Watch to your Garmin Edge GPS

Watch the video tutorial explaining how to connect your Apple Watch to your Garmin Edge cycling GPS for heart rate monitoring.

Connect Apple Watch to Garmin Edge Thumbnail

11/06/2024 : Review of the Hammerhead Karoo 3

This video compares the new Karoo GPS with the Garmin Edge 540 and Karoo 2.

Karoo 3 compared to Garmin Edge 540 GPS Thumbnail

17/04/2024 : New Connect IQ Data Field Launched!

The data field computes power based on heart rate directly on your Garmin GPS and uses heart rate values from the monitor already connected to the GPS. No more hassle with the connection to the phone and no more app to start on your phone!

Download Connect IQ Data Field

18/07/2023 : Heart Rate Monitor Acccuracy Comparison

Have a look at our article about heart rate monitors accuracy. A full comparison between many sensors and smartwatches... Which one will best suits your needs?

29/06/2023 : Heart Rate Monitor Acccuracy - Mountain Bike

Here is an upadate of our previous video about HRM accuracy on the road bike and indoor. This video has new sensors such as the Apple watch or Coospo HW9 and HW807 armbands and is focused on mountain bikes.

Heart rate monitor accuracy on a mountain bike thumbnail

15/04/2023 : HR2VP compatible with the Apple Watch

The iOS version of HR2VP is now compatible with the Apple watch, allowing you to use the built-in heart rate monitor to estimate power while cycling.

HR2VP bike training app for Apple watch

Download HR2VP for iOS and Apple watch
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03/02/2023 : Drive Your Bike Trainer With Your Wear OS Smartwatch

See how to drive your Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) FTMS bike trainer with your Wear OS watch.

Drive your bike trainer with your Wear OS watch Youtube Thumbnail

17/11/2022 : Power Peaks and Training Load per Zone

Use your acount (with mail address) in order to save power data and see your power peaks and training load per zone after your ride!

Power peaks graph and training load per zone

07/11/2022 : Connect Your Samsung Galaxy 5 To Zwift

Here is a video tutorial which explains how to connect a Samsung Galaxy watch 5 or any Wear OS smartwatch to Zwift.

Connect your Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 to Zwift Youtube Thumbnail

09/10/2022 : Heart Rate Monitor Acccuracy Ultimate Review - Road Bike and Indoor

Have a look at our review about heart rate monitor accuracy test while riding on a road bike and indoor.

Heart rate monitor accuracy review on a road bike and indoor thumbnail

12/10/2021 : HR2VP available on Wear OS

We are proud to annouce that our app HR2VP has now been released for Wear OS devices such as the Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 or 4.

The app is still in beta but you can already use the built-in optical sensor of the watch or your own external heart rate monitor and broadcast power to virtual training apps or cycling head units as a regular power meter.

Many other features will be added soon, take advantage of the introductory offer!

HR2VP bike training app for Wear OS

Download HR2VP for Wear OS
❤️ More info about HR2VP ⚡️

04/10/2021 : Built-in workouts added to HR2VP

Connect your bike trainer to HR2VP and train on intervals with built-in workouts!

Train indoor with built-in workouts - HR2VP

Download HR2VP for iOS Download HR2VP for Android
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16/06/2021 : Watch BIPR's trailer made for our online booth at Vivatech 2021

Training made easy and fun by BIPR (cycling, running, fitness)

14/06/20 : HR2VP, broadcast power over ANT+ on Android

HR2VP has been ANT+ certified and broadcasts now power, heart rate and running speed over ANT+!

Broadcast power over ANT+ with HR2VP

01/05/20 : Try our new app Heart Rate to Virtual Power

Train indoor or outdoor and broadcast power data over BLE from your heart rate monitor.

Broadcast power with HR2VP

Download HR2VP for iOS Download HR2VP for Android
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04/09/19 : BIPR at Eurobike 2019

Eurobike is here, come on and meet us at booth ÜO304!

Try Arcade Fitness at BIPR booth Eurobike 2019