Use your Samsung Galaxy watch as a bike tracker for cycling

With the app HR2VP, use your smartwatch under Wear OS as a heart rate monitor and cycling tracker while training on the bike. Broadcast heart rate and power to Zwift or to cycling computers over Bluetooth.

Download HR2VP for Wear OS

If you are using a Samsung Galaxy watch under Tizen (watch 3, active 1 & 2)

Download HR2VP for Tizen

Use your Samsung Galaxy watch 4 under wear OS as a cycling tracker

Use your Samsung Galaxy watch 4 under Wear OS as any BLE heart rate monitor

HR2VP will measure your heart rate with the optical built-in sensor of the watch and broadcast over Bluetooth Low Energy as a regular heart rate monitor during your workouts.

First, your need to enable continuous heart rate monitoring on the watch. Open Samsung Health on the watch, go to Cardio and enable continuous monitoring.

The watch needs to be tight enough to your skin. Please check your watch regularly and clean it with water to get the best heart rate readings from the the optical sensor.

Don't forget to stop the app at the end of your workout to prevent battery life.

Pairing with cycling head units

The virtual Bluetooth address of the watch may change along time, this means that you may have to pair the watch again.

Your GPS head unit needs to be compatible with Bluetooth Smart power meters, please check or ask us before buying.

Non exhaustive list of non compatible head units : XOSS G+, Garmin devices, all Lezyne GPS

Non exhaustive list of compatible head units : Hammerhead Karoo 1 & 2, Wahoo Elemnt serie, Giant Neos Track, Polar V650.

Pairing with Zwift

On Windows, if you have trouble with the Bluetooth direct connection, you can try the connection through the Companion app. Click on Zwift's top right Settings icon on the pairing screen. If the option is not available, start the Companion app on your smartphone and check that it is connected to the same wifi newtwork as your computer.

Broadcast heart rate over Bluetooth from your Samsung Galaxy watch 4

Connect external BLE sensors to your smartwatch

Power, Cadence, Heart Rate

Connect your own sensors and get more training metrics while riding indoor or outdoor.

Compatible with:

  • Bluetooth Smart power meters
  • Cadence sensors
  • Heart rate monitors

Control your smarttrainer

HR2VP is the only watch app that allows you to control your FTMS bike trainer during your workout.

Compatible devices are:

  • Elite Direto and Suito
  • Wahoo KickR Core and Power
  • Tacx Flux S or Flux 2

HR2VP Wear OS controls smart trainer

Add power to your rides & get cycling metrics with your Wear OS smartwatch

Power tracking

Our advanced matching algorithm computes power based on heart rate, which is measured by the optical built-in watch sensor or by your own BLE chest strap.

Your individual parameters such as FTP, resting heart rate and maximum heart rate are taken into account for improved accuracy.

Power is broadcasted over Bluetooth Low Energy as heart rate.

Cycling metrics

HR2VP watch app can be used as a standalone, no phone is needed during your exercise which makes life easier.

See how many calories you have spent during your workouts and monitor your fitness.

Get speed and distance from smartwatch's GPS.

Strava upload

You can now pair with Strava and upload your workouts automatically. Create your account on the watch app and log in on this website. Authorize account pairing with Strava and login again on your watch.

HR2VP Wear OS app cycling metrics