Is it possible to cycle with Arcade Running?

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What About Indoor Cycling?

You can, now, not only to run on a treadmill in order to play Treadmill Arcade Running, but also use it while training on your home trainer.
Treadmill Arcade Runnind is a new real-time fitness app that can be used also with your home trainer. While you are cycling, your avatar is running through one of five Arcade Running's environments.

Indoor running or cycling

With Treadmill Arcade Running you can do both.

- Run on a treadmill

- Or ride indoor

Arcade Running with Home Trainer

Home Trainer Configuration

How to cycle with Arcade Running

Use your Bluetooth Smart (BLE) trainer or extrnal power meter (Bluetooth Smart or ANT+). Connect it to the application in the settings Menu and... Cycle! Your cycling power will automatically be transformed into a virtual running speed. And your character will go forward in the game.
Of course, you can participate in all of our challenges. Get more info on our BiprFitness Facebook page.
Don't forget that you can use FEC Power bike to controll your trainer!

Compatible Home Trainers

Arcade Running supports all BLE trainers computing power. You will find here some popular compatible home trainers, rollers and indoor bikes. Just put your bike on it and have fun!

Smart Trainers

CyclOps Elite Kinetic Tacx Wahoo
Hammer Direct Drive Drivo Rock and Roll I Smart Control Bushido Smart Kickr
Magnus Qubo Digital Smart B+ Road Machin I Smart Control Flux Kickr Snap
PowerSync BLE Rampa Smart Control Power Unit Genuis Smart
PowerBeam PRO BLE RealAxiom B+ I-Genuis Multiplayer Smart
RealTour B+ Ironman Smart
RealTurbo Muin B+ Flow Smart
Neo Smart
Vortex Smart
Vortex Smart TDF Edition

Indoor Bikes

Stages Wattbike
SC3 Indoor Bike WattBike


Elite Real E-motion B+