Arcade Fitness is an indoor cycling and running application

Arcade Fitness, Indoor cycling and running video game

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Have fun while training in virtual worlds on a bike trainer or treadmill

Arcade Fitness is an indoor cycling and running application which looks like a video game. You will need a running or cycling device to control your character. If your training equipment is not compatible, you can still set the power or speed manually with on screen buttons (Without Sensor Mode).

Multiplayer: have fun training indoor and race online with your friends in realtime.

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Runners together with cyclists

Who will be first? Whot will win the sprint?

Because the app is in an 'Arcade style', there is an in game speed adjustement for runners such that both runners and cyclists will get nearly the same speed in game. Both can train together and have real competition. No matter if you are on the stationary bike or treadmill you can use the same app.

Cycleops phantom

Train with structured workouts

From active recovery to sprints

Follow the guide, burn calories and get fit with warm-up, then high intensity interval training (hiit) and finally cool down. Arcade Fitness allows you to train at specific itensity levels with different type of exercise and built-in workouts.

Enter your threshold power or average 1 hour running speed in the 'Settings Menu' and you're done!

Aracde Running video game
Arcade Fitness for the whole family

Everybody can have real competition together

You can choose between different characters. Some of them are faster, others jump higher or are better for long disctances.

This 'handicap system' (positive as well as negative) makes it possible for people with differents fitness levels to have real competition together.

Check how fit you are

About Fitness Level

Improve yourself and track your performance with the fitness level indicator. It ranks between 0 and 20.

In addition, try yourself out on different distances (from sprint to 25k) and write down the indicator on each distance. You will be able to know if you are better on short or longer intervals and afterwards work specifically on intensity levels you need to improve. This will help you achieve your fitness goals.

Heart rate monitor can be used together with the app to track intensity during hiit workouts. It will help you to know when you need to stop interval or if you can continue.

How fit are you
Drafting effect in road bike peloton

Think about strategy

Use drafting as on road bike

In order to improve your best time, you can take advantage of drafting as you would in real life cycling in the middle of a peloton.

Cooperate with other and get all better or fine tune your strategy and use powerups to beat them.

Drafting is active too while running indoor on the treadmill, this allows cyclists and runner to stay together and adds a bit a spice to your training.

More fun with bombs attacks

Jumps, U-turns and bombs actions

Depending on the level you choose you may cross obstacles on your way which you have to jump over. Sometimes you will even have to find the right way to the end line with U-turn and jumps. This adds little intelectual challenges.

Bombs attacks are possible too, which is especially interesting in multiplayer mode. Because they blast after 2 seconds, if you want to attack you opponents, you need to be before them. This makes the game more strategic.

Aracde Fitness bomb attack
Manette 8BITDO

Use a Gamepad [Optionally]

In order to simplify action commands while your are moving, we suggest using the 8BitDo Zero gamepad which is very small and weights only a few gramms. Any other standard gamepad can be used as well...

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Connected to social network

Automatic upload to Strava

Workout file is automatically created and sent at your mail address or uploaded directly on Strava.

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