How to use your Xiaomi MI 1 or MI 2 Smartband on a Treadmill

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Play video game with your Xiaomi MI1 and MI 2 Smartband

Smartbands are small devices worn on the wrist which help you track and improve your fitness level. Xiaomi is one of the main smartband manufacturers in the world and their devices compute realtime steps from which you can get speed. So why not using this speed information and use it on a treadmill to play Arcade Running. They have several models such as MI 1 (MI1A or MI1S) or MI 2

Xiaomi MI Bands

How to connect your band

If you want to use your MI1 or MI2 band as a stride sensor and transmit running speed to play Arcade Running on a treadmill, you first need to install the "MI Fit" app on your phone or device, otherwise, your band will be automatically deconnected after a short time. Get "MI Fit" on the Play Store

Next, you have to choose which type of band you want to use by selecting it in the parameters menu

Xiaomi Smartband Config

Finally, be sure that your phone is compatible with Bluetooth Low Energy, that Bluetooth is activated and click on the Search button to scan for devices. Select the right device among the list and click on the save button.

If you have trouble finding your device, first try to restart Bluetooth by de-activating and re-activating Bluetooth connectivity. If it is not enough, try to restart your phone. This should fix almost any trouble...