HR Speed Transmitter for Samsung Gear watch

Get speed and heart rate for Zwift and Arcade Fitness

Use your Samsung Gear S3 or Gear Sport watch while running indoor on a treadmill and enjoy sport simulation apps such as Zwift (via Zwift Mobile Link) or Arcade Fitness. Download it on the Galaxy Store and enjoy your workout !

Download HR Speed Transmitter

Start the Galaxy Apps on your phone and look for HR Speed Transmitter (using key words as heart rate) and then select Heart Rate and Speed Transmitter for Zwif and Arcade Fitness. Install it and start it on yor watch.

Samsung Gear S3

Samsung Gear Sport

Playing Zwift

Launch Zwift and scan for Bluetooth heart rate or running sensors. If you are uising Zwift on PC, you need to use Zwift Mobil Link.

Playing Arcade Fitness

Connect your watch to Arcade Fitness and enjoy your workout !

Samsung Gear S3