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Train with Arcade Fitness

Indoor Cycling App, Treadmill app, Video Game

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Never get bored while training indoor! With Arcade Fitness, we mixed both workout and gamification to preserve your motivation while riding indoor on bikes or running on treadmills.

Treadmill or bike trainer workouts have never been so fun : run or ride indoor at home with your computer or in a gym studio with your mobile while playing a video game. Try one of our virtual environments : road, trail, medieval castle or space...

Challenge your friends and race with them in live on our multiplayer levels.

Arcade Fitness can be used with or without sensor. Among other features, workout data can be uploaded to Strava social network.

Have a great experience and get even more fun as you would in real rides.

Compatible sensors and features

Indoor cycling with Arcade Fitness

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Arcade Fitness with treadmill or stationary bike

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HR & Speed for Samsung

Broadcast heart rate or running speed from your Samsung watch

Broadcast heart rate, from your Samsung watch to other app such as Zwift or to any compatible GPS head unit.

Info about HR & Speed for Samsung

Broadcast Heart Rate over Bluetooth from your Samsung Galaxy active 2

Treadmill Speed Transmitter

Android and iOS app for treadmill workout

The app allows you to broadcast running speed over Bluetooth Smart to other app such as Arcade Fitness or Zwift

In manual mode, you will be able to fine tune the speed according to your exercise.

In Auto mode, the built-in accelerometer of the smartphone automatically computes speed and cadence.

There is a Garmin mode as well where you can get speed and cadence from your Garmin watch by using the Connect iQ companion app. In this case, heart rate is broadcasted as well, wich can be usefull for indoor cycling too.

The iOS version that you can get on the Apple store has manual mode only.

Download Speed Transmitter

Treadmill Speed Transmitter Workout app for Android Manual Mode

ANT+ FEC Power Bike

Android app : use your smart trainer as an ergometer

The app transform your ANT+ FE-C bike trainer into an ergometer. This will improve your training experience as the resistance will vary automatically in order to target the power wattage you choose by pressing a single button.

Automatic resistance variation is based on buit-in ANT+ FE-C Power value or on external power meter.

Workout data can be uploaded to Strava.

Important : the app only works with ANT+ FE-C trainers and your smartphone needs to be ANT+ compatible as well.

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Use your smart trainer as an ergometer with fec power bike