Use your Xiaomi MI band to train indoor while playing a video game

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Train in virtual worlds with heart rate and play video game with your Xiaomi MI band 4, MI 3 or MI 2

Smartbands are small devices worn on the wrist which help you track your activities and improve your fitness level. Xiaomi is one of the main wristband manufacturers in the world and their devices broadcast heart rate in real time from which our app HR2VP can compute power. So why not using this information on a bike trainer in virtual training applications such as Zwift or Arcade Fitness. There are several models such as MI 2, MI 3, MI 4

Xiaomi MI Bands

MI Bands can be used as standard Bluetooth Smart continuous heart rate monitors

Activate heart rate broadcasting during workouts in MI Fit app

Be sure to have MI Fit for Android or MI Fit for iOS installed on your smartphone and check that your band is registered within the app

In the MI Fit app, click on Profil, then select your MI Band device and activate band visibility

Go back to main screen of MI Fit app and select Trainings. Choose the activity type you plan to do (running or cycling)

Click on GO to start a workout. Your band will automatically broadcast continuous heart rate values and can be paired with external apps such as Arcade Fitness, Zwift or any compatible GPS head unit.

Xiaomi MI Band activate cintinuous heart rate

Use HR2VP app on your phone to send power to Zwift, Onelap or to any other virtual training app

Download HR2VP for iOS Download HR2VP for Android

HR2VP can be used with Xiaomi Mi bands as well as with any other Bluetooth Smart heart rate monitor. It computes power based on heart rate and allows anoyone using a dumb exercise bike or trainer to connect to Zwift or to any other virtual training app.

Scan for BLE heart rate monitor in HR2VP and select the MI Band after having performed the 1st step described above.

Here is more information about HR2VP

Estimate power with HR2VP and Xiaomi band

Another option is to pair directly with our app Arcade Fitness

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Scan for bands and select yours within the app

First be sure that your phone is compatible with Bluetooth Low Energy, that Bluetooth is activated and click on the Search button to scan for devices in the Settings menu. Select the right device among the list and click on the save button.

If you have trouble finding your device, first try to restart Bluetooth by de-activating and re-activating Bluetooth connectivity. If it is not enough, try to restart your phone. This should fix almost any trouble...

Select Xiaomi MI Band Bluetooth device

Now you can enjoy playing Arcade Fitness with your MI band!