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Use your phone as a footpod

Use your phone running indoor on a treadmill and enjoy sport simulation apps such as Zwift or Arcade Running on a second device. Treadmill Speed Transmitter act as a bluetooth low energy foot pod and sends running speed and cadence to your tablet.

There are two different modes : you can either set the speed manually or put your phone in an arm band. In this case, it will compute your running speed automatically.

The app is free for 8 minutes workouts, if you want to do longer exercices, you will have to buy the full version.

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How it works

Just attach it on your arm(better!) or keep in your pocket (it works too!) and launch Treadmill Speed Transmitter.

You can adjust some parameters as step length in order to have more accurate data.

Scan for devices on Zwift or Arcade Running and select "Speed Transmitter".

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Treadmill Speed Manual Mode

Manual Mode

Don't have pockets? Don't worry, you can use the manual mode. In this case, just pose your phone on the treadmill and choose the speed. The app will communicate this spees all is if it was a footpod.

Using Zwift on iPad with ANT+ footpod

Make your ANT+ speed and cadence data from your footpod available to your iPad with Bluetooth Low Energy and be able to play Zwift. Your Android phone receives speed through ANT+ and sends it through BLE to your Apple device. Your need to install ANT Radio Service, ANT+ Plugin Service and eventually ANT USB service on your phone to use this mode.

Using Zwift on iPad with ANT+ footpod
Using Zwift on iPad with Garmin watch

Using Zwift on iPad with your Garmin watch

Treadmill Speed Transmitter can act as a bridge from a Garmin watch to Zwift. It means, you can use your Garmin watch as a footpod and the app will transform the speed data from watch into Bluetooth data sent to Zwift. You need to install and launch Treadmill Arcade Running Transmitter on your watch to do this.