How to use your FE-C Home Trainer

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Configure your home trainer

With FEC Power Home Trainer

Get the best of your home-trainer with our app. Choose between two availible modes : either basic resistance mode or power mode.

Basic resistance mode : manage your home training by choosing a resistance level (% of the higher resistance possible on your HT). You can use this mode for doing some specific session such as burst workouts.

Power mode : don't worry about the power you are developping, it will rest exactly the one you choosed, doesn't matter your cadence.

Product Features

Trainer configuration

FEC Power Home Trainer Configuration
  1. Choose your training mode : constant power or resistance
  2. When you train with constant power, choose if you want to use the built – in function of your FE-C trainer or an external powermeter
  3. Activate / De-activate heart rate
  4. Activate / De-activate external power (you have to activate it you choose external power regulation)
  5. Enter trainer device number manuallyt
  6. Search automatically for FE-C trainer and connect using ANT+ technology
  7. Request manual calibration for your powermeter
  8. Enter your mail address
  9. Choose if you want to get a mail automatically after your workout

Power Targets

FEC Power Home Trainer targets configuration

Pre-configure your favorite power targets.

Automatic file export

Workout file is automatically created on your phone and sent at your mail address or uploaded directly on Strava.

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FEC Power Home Trainer is ANT+ certified

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