Virtual Reality workouts on a Treadmill or Home Trainer

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Sensors configuration

There are different options to play Treadmill Arcade Running with different kinds of stride sensors. You can use standard footpods (ANT+ or Bluetooth Smart), even iPhones with the Treadmill Smart Speed application, Xiaomi MI bands or Garmin watches. In addition, you can use a coin size Bluetooth Flic button as a gamepad

Using ANT+ footpods

If you want to use ANT+ footpods, your smartphone needs to be ANT+ compatible in order to use the app, see the list of native ANT+ compatible phone on ANT+ directory.

If your phone is not native compatible, it has to be OTG ready (On The Go), and you will have to buy an additionnal ANT+ comptaibility stick.

In both cases, you need to have some libraries installed on your phone :

  1. ANT Radio Service
  2. ANT+ Plugin Service
  3. Additionnally if you are using extra stick : ANT USB Service

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Using Garmin watches

Get speed and heart rate from your Garmin watch and send it to your phone with the Arcade Running Transmitter watch app. Get more info on Garmin watch and use it as a gamepad to play video game.

Using Xiaomi MI bands

Xiaomi MI 1 and MI 2 smartbands are compatible with Treadmill Arcade Running. We recommand to install MI Fit on your phone in order to improve compatibility and avoid disconnections.Get more info on XiaomiMI Bands

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Using Bluetooth Footpods

Bluetooth footpods are compatible with Arcade Running. For Milestone pods, you need to ask Milestone in order to get the latest firmware with realtime speed. Other options are possible as for example using iPhone as a speed transmitter with the Treadmill Smart Speed app.

First connection to the application

When you launch Treadmill Arcade Running, here is the main screen you are going to see.

  1. Configure today's workout and start playing
  2. Pair external sensors
  3. Sign out
  4. Buy some additional items
  5. Leaderboards
  6. Facebook page
  7. Privacy Policy
  8. See your achievements
  9. Go to Bipr Tutorial
  10. Join our Strava Club

Connexion screen Footpod Arcade Runing
How to connect external sensors


Here you can connect external sensors (foot pod, heart rate strape and Flic Button). Connect your Strava's account in order to post automatically the workout or simply receive your workout by mail.

  1. Select your stride sensor type
  2. Connect the footpod by clicking on the
  3. Connect the heart rate strape if you a using one
  4. And the Flic Button if you are using one
  5. Your e-mail
  6. Connect your Strava's account
  7. Activate or de-activate Strava automatic upload

Player selection

Select your player, in the list of available players. See complete players descriptions to know about strength and weakness of each one.

If one of the players is locked, it meens that you have to complete an achievment to be able to use it.

Level selection

There are five environmlents you can use :

  • Track : you don't have to care about jumping and other actions on this level, just run the fastest you can !
  • Steeple : here you have to jump sometimes but it will be easy since the road is completely flat and there is no hole.
  • Trail : run on an hilly trail with jumps and small holes but without direction change
  • Castle : use all actions in this level like in a platform video game : jump, direction change
  • Space : jump from platform to platform, change direction in space and try to find shortcuts

Distance selection

Choose your distance between 100m and a marathon !

Select player and distance
Arcade Running levels screenshots
Flic logo

Game actions

Having the possibility to perform actions within the game really improve your fitness experience. You have to concentrate yourself and be well coordinated, making wourkout much more funny.

In order to perform these actions, just tap on the screen of your smartphone or tablet.

  1. Change direction
  2. Throw a bomb and attack other players
  3. Jump

If you jump twice in a row, you make a double jump and you will be able to pass over higher obstacles.

Using Flic button or gamepad

Get the best virtual reality running experience using a Flic button during your workout... Connect to it by first clicking on the search button. Then, you will see all available smart-buttons and you will be able to click on the one you want. In order to complete the pairing process, you need to push the button once and it will be picked up in the app. Finally, you get a message that a button has been grabbed!

In order to be more comfortable while using the Flic button during your workout, you can buy a Flic button holder.

Or :

Use a 8bitDo gamepad (also compatible with any other game). If you are living in France, you can buy it in our Shop France

Flic logo Manette 8BIT DO
Arcade Running shopping


Use the coins you collected while playing and buy additionnal items like bombs or packs.

Here you can also buy Multiplayer Pass to race online with friends in realtime.