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Arcade Fitness Video Game

Indoor Running or Cycling App

Bored while training indoor? Try the first fitness video game using a stride sensor, smartband, Moonrun or bike trainer!

Treadmill or bike trainer workouts have never been so fun : run or cycle indoor at home or in a fitness club and play video game on your Android smartphone, tablet or TV at the same time (even on Windows in beta version now). Try one of our five virtual environments : track, steeple, trail, medieval castle or space...

Challenge your friends and race with them in realtime on multiplayer level.

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Indoor cycling with Arcade Fitness

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Broadcast running speed with Speed Transmitter for Android

Broadcast running speed with your Samsung watch

Arcade Fitness with treadmill or stationary bike

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ANT+ FEC Power Home Trainer

Cycling app

Use your home trainer, with or without external powermeter.

Training is now quick and easy with FEC Power Home Trainer. The user-friendly graphic interface allows you to change the resistance level or choose your target power in one click only !

At the end of your workout, file is exported automatically and uploaded on Strava.

ANT+ certified

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